Passion for Technology

Our Offroading Journey: A Passion Turned Projects


At OSC, we are a team of offroading enthusiasts and masterminds. With a deep-rooted passion for offroading, we have embarked on numerous adventures together, both individually and jointly.


Through our active participation in demanding trophy events, raid rallies, and thrilling off-road vacations with our self-built vehicles, our knowledge and understanding of the essentials of offroading have expanded over time.


While Klaus Saria's hobby has exposed him to various vehicle makes and his professional expertise lies in special mechanical engineering,



 Heinrich Schwarz has been unwavering in his dedication to the Puch/Mercedes G, reflected in his extensive career as a senior test engineer at Daimler in the off-road vehicle sector.


Leveraging our wealth of knowledge and experience, we collaborate closely with partners from our immediate environment to develop and implement exciting projects. We bring our expertise to life, creating unique experiences and solutions for enthusiasts like ourselves.